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An interactive central point of contact or ‘Our Connection’ and technology as it is today, here I am with my effort at bridging the distances between Musomians, by way of this blog – a Weblog.

I am one of those toddlers, the little kids of Musoma. Possibly the last or atleast one of the last generations to be born in a Musoma that we all remember, a Musoma which is labeled with an accolade as high as ‘Paradise on Earth’! One little thought back to picture the white sandy beach of Mkoko Beach, the clear blue waters of the Grand old Lake Victoria, the calm, barmy evenings spent at the Musoma Club complete with a ‘muskaki’ and the customary ‘Sundowner’, and the signature drone of the Dakotas arriving and departing from Musoma Airport, soon justifies that label, I am sure.

Musoma holds very very special memories. Memories that always bring a smile in my mind and heart and usually a sigh of accepting that Musoma that was, is no longer. But it survives, exists and lives in each of our minds and hearts. As long as we have our memories, we will have Musoma.

Travelling, attending weddings, social events, or just visiting friends with my father, Jashwant C M ‘Josh’ Rao, gave me the privilege to meet a lot of his friends who lived a significant amount of time in Musoma. Along the way, I have heard so many anecdotes, stories, and memories and all of them every bit interesting as the previous one. Most of these stories of Musoma come from my father – who has an excellent memory . Each one had their own bit of memory about the same place or event, which only added to the charm of Musoma of days gone by and also to the memories of Musoma.

Dr Manjul Vasant (MBE), travels to Musoma frequently and was kind enough to forward some pictures that he took during a recent visit, fisrt to my father and subsequently onwards to me. The pictures rekindled my interest in setting up an interactive central point of contact or ‘Our Connection’ – ‘OUR’ Weblog.

There is a website already in place and very much active at http://www.musoma.com, which is a good source of information about Musomians and their current activities. This has been set up and managed by Dr Manjul Vasant (MBE). However, that is a website and thus not interactive. This blog – MusomaBlogis aimed at enhancing the web presence of Musoma.

I hope you enjoy this site, which is still in its infancy in terms of the design. As time goes by, I will be making gradual and subtle changes to the site in view of enhancing the look, design and purpose.

Please feel free to browse around the site. Some information on the parts of this site and use, will be added under a separate topic.

Please also feel free to write your comments on the topics posted here on this blog. For this site to be most effective, your comments are important and will form the very backbone of this site. This will be the web’s version of having a personal short little chat with a friend or friends from Musoma.

If you have any questions or comments about this site or anything related to Musoma, please do not hesitate in posting them here or email me directly to: admin [at] musomablog [dot] com or click the [Contact] link at the top of the page to send an email directly from this site.

12 thoughts on “About MusomaBlog

  1. Thank you Riyaz for an excellent translation of Joseph Hukumu’s thread. Only Riyaz, you need to take note that Mzee Hukumu has said he visits Musoma every year! Perhaps this is a hint that we could all try to go there every year. I try to do that. I am sure even one visit adds quite a bit to the town’s economy.

    I share the sadness of Rao jr for the missing old charms of old Musoma. Beyond this, there are sad sights. Look at my old middle school, Mwisenge. It is just bare ribs and dust. This is perhaps because the number of people has grown faster than the town. Sadly that is not all or even a major reason. It could be that too many of us, especially those that maintained the old charms have gone away. In this regard, I am puzzled and pleased that the old Ugandans have and are flocking back or investing back. Could they be setting us an example?

  2. Here is the translation:

    “Congratulations and many felicitations for having a blog and website for Musoma. Yes, this is where it is, and I was born in Mukinyerero and grew up there. I studied at Mwembeni Primary School.

    I am going on vacation for an year. Many felicitations.”

    My comments:

    I was in Musoma during X-Mas 2008. Musoma has changed a lot!

    • @ Riyaz Jiwani

      Thank you very much for the translation.

      Musoma must be very different from what it is in our memories. Change is inevitable.
      If you have any pictures from your visit to Musoma, please email to Musomablog email and they will be posted and shared with all Musomians.

    • Hi Riyaz,
      My name is Nasim Khaki daughter of Esmail Gulamhussein (Jubilee Store) We are palnning to go to Musoma Dec of this year. I have not been back since i left. Any info on Musoma
      will help – what to expect, recommendation on hotels and if you know who is still in Musoma,
      I would love to contact. Thanks.

  3. Mzee Hukumu,
    Asante Sana for your comments.
    Sadly the younger generation which left Musoma, like me, may not be fluent in Swahili and will not understand what you have commented. Would you please translate in English. Alternatively, Musomians can come forward and translate. This would be most helpful.

  4. Hongereni sana kwa kuwa na blog na website kuhusu Musoma. Ndio kwetu. Nimezaliwa Mukinyerero na kukulia palepale. Nimesomea Mwembeni Primary Scholl. Naenda likizo kila mwaka. Hongera sana.

  5. Mzee Moses,

    Thank you for your comment. I have just responded to your request via email to the email you have registered.

    Asante Sana

  6. Please send me your email address to enable me send you more photos for Hotel Matvilla and lakeside activities.
    Moses Mwakazi

  7. please update our old address to

    (address removed by Admin, for security and privacy reasons)

    from Anila Mehta
    (nee Kothari, Harshad Kothari’s sister)

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